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I intend to get Premium Membership! So that I can draw more often and bring moar cute things to this world! So, if you have any sparepoint, please donate <3

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Twitch by NekoLeonart
One of my favourite LoL champions. I drew this to get some reaction images for my Twitch roleplay tumblr. Thanks to this drawing i discovered that i love drawing rat people. (and that im fairly good at it btw)
Lily n Latijva First Meeting by NekoLeonart
Lily n Latijva First Meeting
First fanart I drew about this OC OTP, Lily Belongs to my girlfriend and Latijva belongs to me.
Sion the Undead Berserker by NekoLeonart
Sion the Undead Berserker
One of my favourites LoL Character, currently working on his cosplay. This is from the RP tumblr i made for him.
Lily by NekoLeonart
Just a fanart of my gf's OC called Lily a cutie patootie undead girl (althoug as per usual i gave her more matureish looks)
As you can see im trying to improve my colouring, although i still currently suck, im asking her since she is so good at it to help me and give me tips! Pray that her pacience doesnt run out before I get to learn something :'D
Collab with Ekkusuinetto! Yet Again! (Part 2) by NekoLeonart
Collab with Ekkusuinetto! Yet Again! (Part 2)
So yeah, we decided to do another one because why the fuck not its fun. This is my second contribution, the colouring. Her AU theme was "Got stuck in the candy bar machine". After struggling with layers and such stuff i tried to live up to the wonderful lineart made by her. I think I failed horribly. WHAT YOU SAY, BRUVA?

See the lineart:…

See my own lineart:…

Her DA:

Cio is (c) Ekkusuinetto
Toima is (c) Mine



NekoLeonart's Profile Picture
Leon Leo Regulus Neko Nyan
Hmpf, as I needed a past just to act cool...Just kidding.
I want to draw. Only that, and maybe Role play on exces but that is another matter. Also, I would like to promote my pictures. That´s all folks! (tataratara~tarara~)
So yeah, it has been a blast. Over the years, this account has ammassed a nice bunch of fellas that apparently, loved my drawings and from time to time, they would give me critique on how to improve (since I have a long way). You guys have endured everyphase I've had over the years, every obsession, every whim.
But Deviantart is not a so friendly place. I've been messaged on several times, some times on a daily basis, with messages that went between outright hate (sometimes homophobic) and lousy and cheeky bastards trying to leak fan art from me. And im pretty much tired of both types. That, and deviantarts policies of terms and services, the outright censorship on every pic I drew, I just dont fancy it anymore like I did in the past. And so, under this reasons, im gonna open a serious account on in which its community or its censorship rules arent as stupid and bold as on this site.

This doesnt mean I'll stop updating here. It just means that it will be more casual than ever (also probs less quality) and that all my good stuff (and yes, nsfw drawings) will rest on the new account, on pixiv. I will update this journal as soon as I have the info on my new account.

Thats all folks, have a nice day

EDIT: Here is the account, as promised. Pardon all the mess:

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